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Ashleigh Heldstab

About Ashleigh

I first discovered yoga in 2009 when I enrolled in a semester long course at JCCC. This was a beautiful introduction as I got to learn a lot about the history as well as the physical practice. From then on I had had a very on again off again relationship with yoga. But about a year ago I decided that I was so much happier and felt so much better when my yoga practice was regular. So I started on my YogaFit journey to becoming a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Once I reach my 200-hour, I hope to work towards Yoga Therapy. Yoga has had such an amazing impact on my life, both spiritually and physically. It has allowed me to truly be happy with my body and myself for what and who I am, it gives me strength, and it has helped me to enjoy every moment the earth has given me. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to teach and share my love of yoga with others. I find it most important that each student practice what they need and I offer many options in my Vinyasa style to accommodate each individual. With a background in personal training, I focus a lot on proper posture as we breathe through each pose but I hope that when I see you in class you will let me be your guide physically, mentally, and emotionally. Namasté

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