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Crystal Chaplick RYT 500

About Crystal

Crystal’s style is based on a background of Hatha Yoga with an emphasis of good alignment and fun! Crystal carefully weaves her passion for a healthy body and wellness through movement into each of her classes.


Crystal spent 20 years exploring the south before finding her way home to Kansas 4 years ago.  Her background in healthcare compliments her interest in aligning the body inside and out. Crystal is currently completing her formal yoga certification.  This year long process is supported by her 15 years as a yoga practitioner and dedicated student of life. Her favorite pose is Sirsasana (Headstand).  Known to be the King of all "asana", the headstand stimulates the crown chakra where bliss resides.  In this position the world is literally turned upside down, and we are afforded the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective.  Inversions re-circulate blood through the body, revitalizing and rejuvenating, while increasing concentration and enhancing overall function of the vital organs.

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