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Jen Phillips RYT 200

About Jen

Jen is a Life Promoter! She is passionate about health and wellbeing, health being a combination of a physical, mental and spiritual condition.


She practices and teaches many different styles of yoga and believes that yoga has no limits! Yoga should be accessible to everybody and all bodies. Jen strives to ‘meet you on the mat,’ drawing from her knowledge of many styles of yoga to hold a space that addresses the needs of her students. She gives her students the freedom to practice from a nonjudgmental and honest place; to allow them to use their inner teacher to make any class personal, but at the same time encourages them to push themselves beyond what they believe possible and then……. translate that to LIFE! We all have a myriad of physical and mental limitations, some more challenging than others, but the capabilities of the spirit are limitless!


Jen was attracted to the mat for physical exercise, but quickly realized that, for her, yoga went way beyond the physical. Yoga showed her how to use the tools, she already possessed, to find joy, presence, compassion, peace! She believes yoga is very personal. Yoga is what you want it to be! You may practice yoga with the desire to change physically, perform better, heal emotionally, or connect spiritually. Whatever your desired change is, big or small, yoga empowers you to transform!


Jen is a mom of two incredibly beautiful girls and wife to an amazing partner. Formerly, she was a practicing CPA and owned her own firm. She traded in her 10 key for yoga pants and to answer a calling to share the GIFT of yoga. She considers herself of forever student of this practice and will always be a ‘work in progress’. She is an inversion junkie, obsessed with feet, food and natural health. The impact yoga has on her life is and always will be evolving!

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