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May is Bring a Friend to Yoga Month

Throughout the month of May, current members can bring a friend to class with them (limit 2 friends per week) and the friend gets to take class for free! Every time you bring a friend, you get entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free month of unlimited yoga. We will announce the winner after the last yoga class on May 31st. 

Anyone on a monthly unlimited membership or using class package or a current Groupon is eligible to bring a friend.

Bring a Friend to Yoga Month Rules:

• Limit 2 friends per week. Must be someone new to the studio or who hasn't been in for 6 months or more.

• Friends must be different people each time so we can spread the love.

• Member must sign friend in at the front desk so we can keep track for the drawing.

• Friend must fill out a waiver if they are new to the studio.


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