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Release and Restore Workshop with LeAnn

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Back by popular demand! Join LeAnn for another Release and Restore workshop on Sunday, March 22 from 1-3 PM! There are spaces available if you'd like to join, however space is limited to be sure to sign up in advance. Register here!

About the event:

Take a little time for yourself this spring to hit reset.

Unwind and de-stress as tension melts away in this unique workshop that incorporates Yamuna® Body Rolling, gentle movement, breath work and restorative yoga postures.

Beginning with Yamuna® Body Rolling, we will ease muscle tension and increase circulation using specially designed balls to activate and align muscles and bones, creating openness, increased range of motion, and release in the area of focus.

The second half of class transitions to a series of restorative yoga postures, utilizing many props to support your body completely as you relax deeply into each pose. Slowing down a bit you'll have time to really release into each posture, utilizing gently guided breathing exercises to help you relax even further, creating a little downtime for the nervous system.

In this two part holiday series with one workshop in November and one in December, we will first focus on the spine and shoulders, followed by the hips and legs. Both workshops will be sure to leave you relaxed, revived, and ready to thrive.

This unique workshop, led by LeAnn White, RYT 500, and certified Yamuna® Body Rolling Practitioner is a gentle form of yoga which focuses on first releasing tension and increasing blood flow into the area of focus, then relaxing the muscles and body tissue so that a state of deep relaxation and healing occurs within the body. Its intention is to release and nurture, rather than to strengthen. Honoring the differences in every body, blankets, bolsters, blocks, will help create the perfect posture for your body, where complete relaxation can be found. Require props will be provided. Feel free if to bring any extra favorite props you might have.

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