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Life asks us to carry the load of career, family, health, finances, relationships, and safety – by doing more with less – faster and better. Without questioning, we often push forward, suppress anger and frustration, wallow in fear or self doubt , while ignoring pain – until the devastating effects of stress on the body systems no longer can be ignored. Restorative Yoga is a balm available to humanity, a pathway of surrendering to our own inner stillness; bolstering our resolve to manage life with greater grace and ease. In this 20-hour concentrated workshop, you will experience how Restorative Yoga can lift the metaphorical weight to make room for the mind to quiet and the body to relax.

You will learn: •what restorative yoga is and what it is not •how to teach restorative yoga to one or many •foundational restorative poses which serve the majority of the population •variations of restorative poses to support what you “see” •essential poses that move the spine safely and supported in all directions •thorough understanding of prop usage •how to relax and restore deeply and completely •how to let restorative yoga support you in every-day living

Required Book: Judith Hanson Lasater: Relax and Renew

Practicum (for those on track for certification) Email or turn in to me on or before October 26th

Focus : Friday, September 6

6:30-8:30 PM •Introductions •Why is Restorative Yoga Important •History of Restorative Yoga •What Restorative Yoga Is •How Does Restorative Yoga Work •Teacher Training Focus •Discussion: What Restorative Yoga is not; Props; Assessing a Class; Finding your voice; Holding a Safe Space •Pranayama & Breath Awareness •Basic Relaxation Pose – variation 1 (all) •Child’s pose – variation 1 (teacher/student) •Adaptable Child’s pose (teacher/student) •Savasana – Discussion and practice

Saturday, September 7

12:00 - 6:00 PM •Q&A – Discussion: steps to succeed •Basic Relaxation Pose – variation 2 (all) •Simple Supported Back Bend - variation 1 (teacher/student) •Mountain Brook Pose (teacher/student) •Child’s pose - variation 2(all) •Break •Invisible Relaxation – anywhere – any time •Supported Back Bend - variations (teacher/student) •Supported Bridge - variations (teacher/student) •Supported Forward Fold - variations (teacher/student) •Side-lying Savasana ( all)

Sunday, September 8

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM •Q&A - Discuss Practicum •Basic Relaxation Pose - variation 3 (all) •Supported Reclined Pose (teacher/student) •Side Lying Stretch Pose (teacher/student) •Supported Twist (teacher/student) •Break •Pranayama – Watching the Breath •Supported Bound Angle (teacher/student) •Waterfall Pose - variations (teacher/student) •Savasana •Q&A

Cost: $250 Early Bird (Before August 1st, 2019)


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