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Treehouse Retreat

Join us at the Dominican Treehouse Village for yoga, swimming, exploring, massage and connecting.

When I was a child, I loved the show Swiss Family Robinson. For those of you too young to know the show, it was about a family shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. The family built a treehouse to keep their belongings dry and safe from animals and pirates. I used to dream that someday I would live in a treehouse. I never dreamed that as a middle aged adult, my childhood dream would come true. How fun is that?

Next February, we will spend a weeklong yoga retreat living among the treetops on the island of the Dominican Republic. The island is known for its jungle and beautiful beaches and waterfalls. We will stay in rooms that are literally built in the trees and resemble the treehouses from Swiss Family Robinson.

Surrounded by jungle, this laid-back all-inclusive resort is a 13-minute walk from the Lulu Waterfall, and a short bike ride to El Valle Beach.

Rustic, open-sided tree houses with thatched roofs feature mosquito nets (very few mosquitoes), ceiling fans, hammocks and lockers, and in-cabin bathrooms.

Included meals are served in a casual on-site restaurant or at the beach. Other amenities include loaner bikes, a fire pit and daily yoga classes. There's also a beautiful outdoor pool with a waterfall.

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Hoping to see YOU in the treetops!



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