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200 Hour Training

This training will give you all the tools you need essentially teaching you HOW to teach yoga.  Not only will you learn HOW to teach yoga, you will start your journey into the philosophy and history behind this ancient practice.   This training is for those who are deeply committed to obtaining a quality teacher training or who wish to advance their yoga practice. If you’ve been practicing less than a year, please wait and apply next year.  Trainings will take place at Core Balance Yoga and Radiant Yoga, depending on the module.


Topics covered in the program included the following:


• Asana

• Pranayama

• Anatomy and alignment

• Meditation

• Sequencing Classes

• Prenatal

• Restorative

• Kid's yoga

• And More!




Angie Eckenroth, Radiant Yoga Studio

Leah Morgan, Core Balance Yoga Center

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